Do you want to be part of our group?

… as Postdoctoral students

No positions available at the time.

… as Doctoral student

We are currently looking for two doctoral students for the “Ion channels and transporters as molecular drug targets” (MolTag) program. It’s a graduate program financed by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and a cooperation of the University of Vienna, the Medical University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the Institute of Science and Technology Austria at Klosterneuburg.

It is a three year PhD education and provides specialized field courses and contacts to national and international research labs.  MolTag aims to create an atmosphere of collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

We provide two projects which you are able to work on:

  1. Computer-aided rational design of compounds for imaging transporters
  2. In silico design of photoswitchable allosteric modulators for GABAA receptors

If you are interested, please apply officially via the link

… as Diplom or Master student

It is possible to join at any time! If you want to make your Diplomarbeit or Masterarbeit in our group, contact me for possible topics.

… as Bachelor student

If you are interested in doing some chemistry on the computer for your bachelor thesis, contact me for possible topics. Also see the informations for bachelor students in our teaching section.

In any case…

If you do not find what you look for, still is worth to contact Prof. Dr. González and ask for other possibilities. There are many ways you can apply for your own scholarship…

The University of Vienna is an equal opportunity employer. Applications from women are strongly encouraged.