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Faculty Lectures (Fakultätskolloquium)

All those talks start at 16.00 in Carl Auer v. Welsbach Hörsaal, Währinger Straße 38, 1090 Wien.
Upcoming talks:

Date Name Title
14.01.2019 Prof. Ralf Ludwig/Universität Rostock, Deutschland tba

Recent talks:

Date Name Title
10.12.2018 Weihnachtsvorlesung: Prof. Samuela Pasquali, Université Paris Descartes, Frankreich Molecular modeling: a numerical zoom to help fighting diseases
19.11.2018 Prof. Michael E. Jung/University of California, Los Angeles, USA tba
08.10.2018 Prof. Thomas Baumert/Universität Kassel, Deutschland Designer Photons for Tailored Ultrafast Laser Control of Matter

Group Seminar Talks (442714 SE Quantum chemistry and chemical dynamics)

Unless noted differently, ithese talks start Tuesday at 08:30h in the seminar room at 4th floor, Währingerstraße 17, 1090 Wien.

Date Type Name Title
18.12.2018 LiSe Markus Oppel Large-Scale Electron Correlation Calculations: Rank-Reduced Full Configuration Interaction
18.12.2018 SciSe Gustavo Cardenas To solvate or not to solvate: (mis)behavior of a Mn-V cluster in solution
08.01.2019 LiSe Omar Baig
08.01.2019 SciSe Nico Ramos
15.01.2019 LiSe Nadja Singer
15.01.2019 SciSe Isolde Sandler
29.01.2019 LiSe Leopold Lindenbauer
29.01.2019 Scise Prof. Carmen Domene, University of Bath Computer Simulation and Modelling of Complex Biological Systems

Recent talks:

Date Type Name Title
11.12.2018 LiSe Maximilian Menger Double Precision Is Not Needed for Many-Body Calculations: Emergent Conventional Wisdom
11.12.2018 SciSe Davide Avagliano My Spirobaby
27.11.2018 LiSe Sebastian Mai The exact forces on classical nuclei in non-adiabatic charge transfer
27.11.2018 SciSe Diana Bregenholt Zederkof Connecting theory and experiments of ultrafast studies on solvated Fe(bpy)(CN)4
20.11.2018 LiSe Johann Dorn Automatic Chemical Design
20.11.2018 SciSe Moritz Heindl Who shot Pyrrole? A crime story
14.11.2018 Ms. Goose St. Martin’s goose
14.11.2018 Ms. Pig pork roast accompanying St. Martin’s goose
06.11.2018 LiSe Jin Wen Primed for Efficient Motion: Ultrafast Excited State Dynamics and Optical Manipulation of a Four Stage Rotary Molecular Motor
06.11.2018 SciSe Pedro Sanchez Size Matters
30.10.2018 LiSe Boris Maryasin Teaching an old carbocation new tricks: Intermolecular C-H insertion reactions of vinyl cations
30.10.2018 SciSe Sandra Gómez Linear vibronic coupling and degeneracy: heaven or hell?
23.10.2018 SciSe Ludwig Schwiedrzik New Machine Learning Models for Predicting the Performance of MOFs in Post-Combustion Carbon Capture
23.10.2018 LiSe Nico Ramos A new kind of substrate in Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)
17.10.2018 SciSe Martina DeVetta Wednesday 12:30 pm! BODIPY derivatives as photosensitizers in photodynamic therapy: insights from SHARC dynamics
09.10.2018 SciSe Julia Westermayr Kernel Ridge Regression and Neural Networks: Comparison of Methods and Descriptors for Excited States
09.10.2018 LiSe Philipp Marquetand SchNet
02.10.2018 Leticia Gonzalez Organisational Matters