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Faculty Lectures

All those talks start at 16.00 in Joseph Loschmidt Hörsaal, Währinger Straße 42, 1090 Wien.

Upcoming talks:

10.05.2021Prof. Sijbren Otto, PhDTBA

Past talks:

12.04.2021Ass.-Prof. Jia Min Chin, PhD and Ass.-Prof. Robert Woodward, MChem Ph.D.16:00 Online via Zoom: "Chemistry at Interfaces - MOF materials and beyond" and "Engineering Hypercrosslinked Polymers for Applications in Separation and Catalysis"
31.03.2021Prof. Tom Maimone16:15 Online via Zoom: Synthetic Studies Toward Complex Natural Products
08.03.2021Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Böttcher and Univ.-Prof. Davide Bonifazi16:00 Online via Zoom: "A chemical tool kit for the discovery of customized enzyme inhibitors" and "Doping polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: from design to function"

Group Seminar Talks (530009 SE Chemistry on the computer)

These talks take place Tuesday at 08:30h (exceptions indicated) held as a virtual meeting by ZOOM. If you are registered you should have received an email with instructions.

20.04.2021Boris MaryasinComputational Taming of Stubborn Molecular Systems
20.04.2021Philipp MarquetandCombining three experiments with the same set of calculations: UED, TRPES, TRPIS, and SHARC simulations of CH2I2
27.04.2021Ludwig Schwiedrzik
27.04.2021Leon Freitag
04.05.2021David Hernández-Castillo
04.05.2021Robert Strothmann
18.05.2021Dora Vörös
01.06.2021Nadja Singer
01.06.2021Richard Jacobi
08.06.2021Julia Franz
08.06.2021Max Tiefenbacher
15.06.2021Brigitta Bachmair + Madlen Reiner
22.06.2021Moritz Heindl
22.06.2021Jin Wen
29.06.2021Severin Polonius
29.06.2021Anna Wernbacher

Journal Club (530003 Journal Club Theoretical and Computational Chemistry)

These talks will take place Thursday at 10:15h held as a virtual meeting by ZOOM. If you are registered you should have received an email with instructions.

20.04.2021Julia FranzCombining Dynamics and Machine Learning to study Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Processes
27.04.2021Moritz Heindl
04.05.2021Max Tiefenbacher
18.05.2021Ludwig Schwiedrzik
01.06.2021Markus Oppel
08.06.2021Dora Vörös
15.06.2021Philipp Marquetand
22.06.2021Ricardo Meyrelles

Past talks:

23.03.2021JCDavid Hernández-CastilloHow Dihalogens Catalyze Michael Addition Reactions
23.03.2021SciSeMarkus OppelPythons, Anacondas and Bees
23.03.2021SciSeSebastian MaiComputing redox potentials for polyoxometalate clusters using Marcus theory and molecular dynamics
16.03.2021SciSeRicardo MeyrellesHydride Shifts, Proton Transfers and some Selenium on the side
16.03.2021JCRichard JacobiDetermining a fluorophore's transition dipole moment from fluorescence lifetime measurements in solvents of varying refractive index
16.03.2021SciSeAnna BäckShort Update on the (Selective) CO/NO-Photodissociation Challenge
09.03.2021SciSePatrick ZobelIt's Getting Hot (The Remix)
09.03.2021SciSeDavide AvaglianoLast Steps Towards the Spiro-Adult: ligand effects in G4 UV absorption
09.03.2021JCBrigitta BachmairReal-time time-dependent nuclear-electronic orbital approach: Dynamics beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation
02.03.2021SciSeLeticia GonzálezOrganization