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Faculty Lectures

All those talks start at 16.00 in Joseph Loschmidt Hörsaal, Währinger Straße 42, 1090 Wien.

Upcoming talks:

Past talks:

14.06.2021Prof. Dr. Craig Butts16:00 Uhr Online via Zoom: 3D Chemical Structure Elucidation - A journey in NMR, computation and a little (machine?) learning
31.05.2021Prof. Florian Krammer, PhD16:00 Online via Zoom: Antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination
10.05.2021Prof. Sijbren Otto, PhD16:00 online via Zoom: The Synthesis of Life; a Grand Challenge in Systems Chemistry
12.04.2021Ass.-Prof. Jia Min Chin, PhD and Ass.-Prof. Robert Woodward, MChem Ph.D.16:00 Online via Zoom: "Chemistry at Interfaces - MOF materials and beyond" and "Engineering Hypercrosslinked Polymers for Applications in Separation and Catalysis"
31.03.2021Prof. Tom Maimone16:15 Online via Zoom: Synthetic Studies Toward Complex Natural Products
08.03.2021Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Böttcher and Univ.-Prof. Davide Bonifazi16:00 Online via Zoom: "A chemical tool kit for the discovery of customized enzyme inhibitors" and "Doping polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: from design to function"

Group Seminar Talks (530009 SE Chemistry on the computer)

These talks take place Tuesday at 08:30h (exceptions indicated) held as a virtual meeting by ZOOM. If you are registered you should have received an email with instructions.

Journal Club (530003 Journal Club Theoretical and Computational Chemistry)

These talks will take place Thursday at 10:15h held as a virtual meeting by ZOOM. If you are registered you should have received an email with instructions.

Past talks:

29.06.2021SciSeAnna WernbacherA TADF Emitter for OLEDs
29.06.2021SciSeJin WenLight-Driven Molecular Motor: Multi-scale Simulations
29.06.2021SciSeSeverin PoloniusSharc and excitonic models
22.06.2021JCRicardo MeyrellesThe Peril of Politicizing Science
22.06.2021SciSeMoritz HeindlHow EU politics resemble the influence of a laser on the excited state dynamics of a ruthenium complex
15.06.2021SciSeBrigitta Bachmair + Madlen ReinerNon-adiabatic forward flux sampling using the surface hopping algorithm
15.06.2021JCPhilipp MarquetandA Comprehensive Discovery Platform for Organophosphorus Ligands for Catalysis
08.06.2021SciSeJulia FranzGetting to know the good and the bad of a novel dithio rhenium complex
08.06.2021SciSeMax TiefenbacherNeural network acceleration techniques applied to SchNet
08.06.2021JCDora VörösBragg Diffraction of Large Organic Molecules
01.06.2021SciSeRichard JacobiFRETting about PDI and Ruthenium complexes
01.06.2021SciSeNadja SingerImaging the GABA_A receptor: The end of the taco tale?
01.06.2021JCMarkus Oppel Variational Quantum Chemistry Programs in JaqalPaq
18.05.2021SciSeEmilio LoriniQM/MM in excited state dynamic. Is it Waterproof?
18.05.2021JCLudwig SchwiedrzikThe non-adiabatic nanoreactor: towards the automated discovery of photochemistry
18.05.2021SciSeDora VörösExcited states cartography of nitro compounds
04.05.2021JCMax TiefenbacherAb initio solution of the many-electron Schrödinger equation with deep neural networks
04.05.2021SciSeRobert StrothmannTheoretical investigations on peptides containing photocleavable tags in the gas phase
04.05.2021SciSeDavid Hernández-CastilloTheory to the aid: computing temperature dependent emission life-times of Ruthenium photosensitizers
27.04.2021JCMoritz HeindlVelocity Adjustment in Surface Hopping: Ethylene as a Case Study of the Maximum Error Caused by Direction Choice
27.04.2021SciSeLeon FreitagRuntime optimisation of DMRG calculations taken to the extreme
27.04.2021SciSeLudwig SchwiedrzikPeroXomutations 3: A rigid polyoxometalate learns to flex
20.04.2021SciSePhilipp MarquetandCombining three experiments with the same set of calculations: UED, TRPES, TRPIS, and SHARC simulations of CH2I2
20.04.2021SciSeBoris MaryasinComputational Taming of Stubborn Molecular Systems
20.04.2021JCJulia FranzNonequilibrium Dynamics of Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Proton Wires: Concerted but Asynchronous Mechanisms
23.03.2021JCDavid Hernández-CastilloHow Dihalogens Catalyze Michael Addition Reactions
23.03.2021SciSeMarkus OppelPythons, Anacondas and Bees
23.03.2021SciSeSebastian MaiComputing redox potentials for polyoxometalate clusters using Marcus theory and molecular dynamics
16.03.2021SciSeRicardo MeyrellesHydride Shifts, Proton Transfers and some Selenium on the side
16.03.2021JCRichard JacobiDetermining a fluorophore's transition dipole moment from fluorescence lifetime measurements in solvents of varying refractive index
16.03.2021SciSeAnna BäckShort Update on the (Selective) CO/NO-Photodissociation Challenge
09.03.2021SciSePatrick ZobelIt's Getting Hot (The Remix)
09.03.2021SciSeDavide AvaglianoLast Steps Towards the Spiro-Adult: ligand effects in G4 UV absorption
09.03.2021JCBrigitta BachmairReal-time time-dependent nuclear-electronic orbital approach: Dynamics beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation
02.03.2021SciSeLeticia GonzálezOrganization