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Faculty Lectures (Fakultätskolloquium)

All those talks start at 16.00 in Joseph Loschmidt Hörsaal, Währinger Straße 42, 1090 Wien.
Upcoming talks:
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Recent talks:
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Group Seminar Talks (442714 SE Quantum chemistry and chemical dynamics)

Unless noted differently, these talks start Wednesday at 11:00h in the seminar room at 4th floor, Währingerstraße 17, 1090 Wien.

Date Type NameTitle
08.01.2020 Li/Sci-Se Tui Hoang
08.01.2020 SciSe Patrick Zobel
15.01.2020 Li/Sci-Se Leon Freitag
15.01.2020 SciSe David Hernández Castillo
22.01.2020 Li/Sci-Se Markus Oppel
22.01.2020 SciSe Nadja Singer
29.01.2020 Li/Sci-Se Anna Wernbacher
29.01.2020 SciSe Julia Westermayr

Recent talks:
Date Type NameTitle
11.12.2019 SciSe Davide Avagliano On The Way to Become an Adult: Story of a Teenage Spiro
11.12.2019 Li/Sci-Se Jin Wen Molecular Modeling of Molecular Motors
27.11.2019 SciSe Ludwig Schwiedrzik Peroxomutations: Toward the Full Water Oxidation Mechanism of the Mn4-POM Catalyst
27.11.2019 Li/Sci-Se Boris Maryasin A Game of Intermediates
23.10.2019 SciSe Moritz Heindl Prediction of accurate parameters for surface hopping including laser fields. An attempt at divination
23.10.2019 Li/Sci-Se Pedro Sánchez Deciphering the fluorescence changes of a selenium-labeled ribonucleoside probe at the bacterial ribosome A-site
16.10.2019 SciSe Danillo Valverde Excited-state dynamics in selenium-substituted nucleobases
16.10.2019 Li/Sci-Se Sebastian Mai Resolving the n3p Rydberg State Dynamics in Acetone: Experiment and Theory Working Hand in Hand