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Faculty Lectures

All those talks start at 16.00 in Joseph Loschmidt Hörsaal, Währinger Straße 42, 1090 Wien.

Upcoming talks:

06.06.2023Professor Dr. Thomas Böttcher
Fakultät für Chemie, Universität Wien
Small molecules in a microbial theatre
12.06.2023Prof. Dr. Donald Hilvert
ETH Zürich, Schweiz

Past talks:

22.05.2023Assoc.Prof. Dr. Alessio Terenzi
University of Palermo, Italy
Multimeric DNA G-quadruplex structures: a promising target for anticancer drugs
08.05.2023Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Burger
Institut für Anorganische und Angewandte Chemie, Universität Hamburg
Activation of H-H, C-H, Si-H and C-C Bonds with Late Transition Metal Pyridine, Diimine Complexes

Group Seminar Talks (530006 SE Chemistry on the Computer)

These talks take place Thursday at 09:30h (exceptions indicated) held as a virtual meeting by ZOOM. If you are registered you should have received an email with instructions.

01.06.2023Madlen ReinerTBA
01.06.2023Brigitta BachmairTBA
15.06.2023Simon TippnerTBA
15.06.2023Dora VörösTBA
22.06.2023Olaia AntónTBA
22.06.2023Nadja SingerTBA

Journal Club (530003 Journal Club Theoretical and Computational Chemistry)

These talks will take place Thursday at 11:15h held as a virtual meeting by ZOOM. If you are registered you should have received an email with instructions.

01.06.2023Richard JacobiTBA
15.06.2023Dilara FarkhutdinovaTBA
22.06.2023Tomislav PitesaTBA

Past talks:

25.05.2023JCSimon TippnerA Nitrogen Out-of-Plane (NOOP) Mechanism for Imine-Based Light- Driven Molecular Motors
25.05.2023SciSeDilara FarkhutdinovaAnother story about transition metal complex
25.05.2023SciSeSeverin PoloniusNonadiabatic solvent dynamics of thioformaldehyde in water using linear vibronic coupling models with electrostatic embedding
11.05.2023SciSeMichael SahreAtomic Energies – Numerics and Structure-Energy relationships
11.05.2023SciSeTomislav PitesaExcitonic Configuration Interaction
11.05.2023SciSeLorenz GrünewaldIsolating and Increasing Magnetic Fields of Azimuthally Polarized Laser Beams
09.05.2023SciSeSebastian Fernández Alberti (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes/ Argentina)

Tue 10 am

Ultrafast vibronic coherences and funnels in organic chromophores
04.05.2023JCNadja SingerThe Role of Narrative in Communicating Science
04.05.2023JCSascha MausenbergerLanguage Models are Few-Shot Learners
04.05.2023SciSeRahul JingarEu3+ ion treated with selective spin-orbit quasi-degenerate perturbation theory
27.04.2023JCDavid HernandezLow-cost machine learning prediction of excited state properties of iridium-centered phosphors
27.04.2023SciSeDavid HernandezStructure/Property relationships for derivatives of the [Ru(bpy)3]2+) metal complex
27.04.2023SciSePatrick ZobelTemperature and Nuclear Motion
23.03.2023JCRicardo MeyrellesHalogenation of the 3-position of pyridines through Zincke imine intermediates
23.03.2023SciSeSascha MausenbergerSPaiNN and how to get rid of the phase
23.03.2023SciSeMax TiefenbacherHow to train you FieldSchNarc
16.03.2023JCMeritxell Malagarriga

in presence

16.03.2023SciSeStepan Srsen

in presence

Kernel methods in quantum chemistry:
zero to hero, hero to zero, zero to hero
16.03.2023SciSeRicardo Meyrelles

in presence

Biomemetic cationic cyclopropanation
09.03.2023JCBoris MaryasinMachine Learning May Sometimes Simply Capture Literature Popularity Trends:
A Case Study of Heterocyclic Suzuki–Miyaura Coupling
09.03.2023SciSeRichard Jacobi Impossible FRET
09.03.2023SciSePhilipp FischerAn air water interface of BOPHY-BA and their orientation in Langmuir-Blodgett films
02.03.2023SciSeLeticia GonzálezOrganization
02.03.2023JCMarkus OppelOrganization