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Faculty Lectures (Fakultätskolloquium)

All those talks start at 16.00 in Joseph Loschmidt Hörsaal, Währinger Straße 42, 1090 Wien.
Upcoming talks:
Date NameTitle
13.05.2019 Prof. Daniel Abergel / École Normale Supérieur Paris TBA

Recent talks:
Date NameTitle
08.04.2019 Prof. Nelson Hosea / UCLA Strong Cations and Weak Anions: A Story in Reactivity - Driven Methods Development
11.03.2019 Dr. David Haselbach / IMP Wien Towards Visual Biochemistry: Functional Assays Using Cryo Electron Microscopy

Group Seminar Talks (442714 SE Quantum chemistry and chemical dynamics)

Unless noted differently, these talks start Monday at 13:00h in the seminar room at 4th floor, Währingerstraße 17, 1090 Wien.

Date Type NameTitle
29.04.2019 LiSe Markus Oppel The theory of variational hybrid quantum-classical algorithms
29.04.2019 SciSe Maximilian Menger
29.04.2019 SciSe Moritz Heindl
06.05.2019 SciSe Ludwig Schwiedrzik Discovering Catalytic Reactivity: An ab-initio Nanoreactor Study of Water Oxidation Catalysis
06.05.2019 SciSe Guest: Philip Walther
13.05.2019 Prog Pedro Sanchez
13.05.2019 Prog open prog talk
13.05.2019 SciSe Sandra Gómez
13.05.2019 SciSe Boris Maryasin
20.05.2019 Prog Benedict Braunsfeld
20.05.2019 Prog open prog talk
20.05.2019 SciSe Nicolás Ramos
20.05.2019 SciSe Pedro Sanchez
27.05.2019 SciSe Guest: Gediminas Pazera
27.05.2019 SciSe Sebastian Mai
27.05.2019 SciSe Leopold Lindenbauer
24.06.2019 LiSe Julia Westermayr
24.06.2019 LiSe Philipp Marquetand
24.06.2019 Prog Ludwig Schwiedrzik
24.06.2019 Prog open prog talk
24.06.2019 Prog open prog talk
24.06.2019 Prog open prog talk

Recent talks:
Date Type NameTitle
01.04.2019 LiSe Sandra Gómez Electron correlation driven non-adiabatic relaxation in molecules excited by an ultrashort extreme ultraviolet pulse
01.04.2019 SciSe Omar Baig Fe(II) polypyridyl complex photodynamics using LVC in SHARC
01.04.2019 SciSe Julia Westermayr Excited State Dynamics: Can we neglect the (geometric) phase and make machine learning practicable?
11.03.2019 Prog Nadja Singer Predicting enantiomeric excess in a cross-coupling reaction with machine learning
11.03.2019 Prog Julia Westermayr Excited states of tyrosine
11.03.2019 SciSe Guest: Wolfgang Eisfeld Development of diabatic potential energy surfaces (PESs) for molecular quantum dynamics simulations
04.03.2019 LiSe Pedro Sanchez Selective recognition of c-MYC Pu22 G-quadruplex by a fluorescent probe
04.03.2019 SciSe Davide Avagliano Spirobabies grow up fast
04.03.2019 SciSe Gustavo Cardenas Towards Molecular Dynamics with Transition Metal Clusters
01.03.2019 Leticia González/Sebastian Mai Organizational Matters