Information for Bachelor Students

If you are a bachelor student and would like to get more in touch with theoretical chemistry or our group, you are heartily invited to get to know us.

A good start therefore might be the Wahlfachpraktikum D (Bachelormodul). There you can start to work on your bachelor thesis. Some examples of topics and areas you could work on can be found in our groups presentation of the Wahlfachpraktikum. Besides you can of course always come up with your own topics too.

What our group can provide you during your work on your bachelor thesis:

  • an encouraging and familiar environment
  • with people who care for each other and help out where possible
  • and rich experiences in different areas of research that are shared in regular meetings
  • as well as a range of computational infrastructures to be used for simulations and other calculations that might be part of your thesis.

In any case you can always contact Prof. Leticia González if you are curious about the possibilities of working with or in our group.