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Faculty Lectures (Fakultätskolloquium)

All those talks start at 16.00 in Carl Auer v. Welsbach Hörsaal, Währinger Straße 38, 1090 Wien.
Upcoming talks:

Date Name Title
11.12.2017 Prof. Dr. Michael Rychlik / Technische Universität München Foodomics als Zukunft der Lebensmittelanalytik? Chancen und Grenzen im Vergleich zu targeted Stabilisotopenassays
08.01.2018 Prof. Stefan Kaskel / Fraunhofer Dresden Nanoporous Materials for Gas Storage, Catalysis and Battery Applications

Recent talks:

Date Name Title
13.11.2017 Prof. Gerhard Erker / Universität Münster Frustrated Lewis Pair Chemistry: Searching for New Reactions
09.10.2017 Prof. Oliver Hayden / Technische Universität München Combining Technologies

Group Seminar Talks (270041 SE Theoretical and Computational Chemistry)

These talks start Thursday at 1:30 pm (exceptions are marked in red) in the seminar room at 4th floor, Währingerstraße 17, 1090 Wien.

Date Type Name Title
30.11.2017 LiSe Martina de Vetta Modelling biomacromolecular assemblies with continuum mechanics
30.11.2017 SciSe1 Isolde Sandler
30.11.2017 SciSe2 Juanjo Nogueira
07.12.2017 LiSe Pedro Sánchez Murcia
07.12.2017 SciSe1 Martina de Vetta
07.12.2017 SciSe2 Boris Maryasin
14.12.2017 LiSe Francesco Talotta
14.12.2017 SciSe1 Julia Westermayr
14.12.2017 SciSe2 Michael Gastegger
11.01.2018 LiSe Felix Plasser
11.01.2018 SciSe1 Esther Heid
11.01.2018 SciSe2 Lea Ibele
18.01.2018 LiSe Nicolás Ramos
18.01.2018 SciSe1 Maximilian Menger
18.01.2018 SciSe2 Moritz Heindl
25.01.2018 LiSe Sebastian Mai
25.01.2018 SciSe1 Francesco Talotta
25.01.2018 SciSe2 Sandra Gómez

Recent talks:

Date Type Name Title
23.11.2017 LiSe/SciSe1 Wybren Jan Buma,
University of Amsterdam
Tailoring photoactive materials: light on the dark side of the force
23.11.2017 SciSe2 Philipp Marquetand 11:30am
Weak field and strong field ionization of diiodomethane
23.11.2017 SciSe1 Martin Larsen 10:00am
17.11.2017 SciSe1 Felix Plasser 11:00
Surface Hopping Dynamics with a Linear Vibronic Coupling Model
16.11.2017 LiSe/SciSe1 Antonin Vlcek,
Queen Mary University of London
Tryptophan-Acceleration of Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Rhenium-Labeled Proteins
16.11.2017 SciSe2 Sebastian Mai 14:30
Excited States of [Re(CO)3(Im)(Phen)]+: Ultrafast Dynamics and Excited-State
23.10.2017 LiSe/SciSe1 Luis Bañares,
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Strong laser field control of dynamics and stereodynamics in molecular photodissociation
19.10.2017 SciSe1 Nicolás Ramos Study of Electron Transport Through Molecular Junctions
19.10.2017 SciSe2 Ludwig Schwiedrzik Trial and Error: A Two-Pronged Approach to Improving Descriptors for High-Dimensional Neural Networks
19.10.2017 LiSe Thomas Hoffmann-Ostenhof Bounds on the decay of electron densities with screening plus Ref 1 in the cited paper!
12.10.2017 LiSe Markus Oppel How to measure a molecule’s energy using a quantum computer
12.10.2017 SciSe2 Patrick Zobel More on Wigner Sampling and the Truth Behind Ultrafast Intersystem Crossing Revealed
12.10.2017 SciSe1 Pedro Sánchez Murcia Exciton Localization on Ru-based Photosensitizers

12.10.2017 SciSe Mathias Dankl,
Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Modelling of Optical Properties of Bacteriochlorophyll-a and Energy Transfer in an Orthogonal PBI Dyad
05.10.2017 LiSe and SciSe Markus Oppel Organizational Matters