The program

We will start on Monday at 2pm with a short welcome note by Leticia González and Andrea Cannizzo. On Monday evening there will be a social dinner at a typical Viennese "Heuriger". Tuesday starts of at 8.30am with talks and ends at 4pm with concluding remarks by Benjamin Dietzek. The general outline of the program schedule can be seen in the table graphic on this page.

We also provide PDF of the program, containing the overview as well as titles of all the given talks.

The sessions and individual slots for the talks, as displayed in the table graphic, will be assigned as follows:

    Chair: Leticia González
  • I1: Majed Chergui
  • I2: Villy Sundström
  • I3: Jens Uhlig
  • I4: Grigory Smolentsev

  • Chair: Etienne Gindensperger
  • I5: Chantal Daniel
  • I6: Daniel Escudero Masa
  • I7: Sebastiano Campagna
  • I8: Carlos Crespo-Hernández

  • Chair: Andrea Cannizzo
  • I9: Qing Pan
  • I10: Christoph Lambert
  • I11: Stephan Kupfer / Maria Wächtler
  • I12: Jürgen Hauer

  • Chair: Tony Vlcek
  • I13: Hans Jørgen Aagaard Jensen
  • I14: Benjamin Dietzek
  • I15: Andrea Cannizzo

  • Chair: Benjamin Dietzek
  • I16: Thomas Renger
  • I17: Tony Vlcek
  • I18: Stanislav Zalis

Outline of the meeting program