Dr. Pedro A. Sanchez Murcia

University of Vienna
Institute of Theoretical Chemistry
Währinger Str. 17
1090 Vienna

+43 1 4277 52758

RID: I-2473-2015
ORCID: 0000-0001-8415-870X

Focus Area
My scientific interests are framed within the fields of Biological and Medicinal Chemistry. Specifically, in the use of computational methods to study (and hopefully predict) properties of small and macromolecules in the biological context.
I have been recently granted with the Lise Meitner FWF Project M 2260 to study the photophysical and photochemical properties of Ru-diimine complexes within lipid membranes and their effect on ion channels.
Awards & Prizes
  • 2017-2019 Lise Meitner Fellowship. Project M 2260 “Voltage-gated K+-channels modulation by Ru-complexes” by Austrian Science Fund (FWF).
  • 2016-2017 Postdoctoral Fellowship by “Fundación Ramón Areces” (XXVIII Convocatoria de Becas para Ampliación de Estudios en el Extranjero en Ciencias de la Vida y de la Materia)
  • Young Researcher PharmaMar SEQT Award 2011
  • Young Researcher PharmaMar SEQT Award 2009

Articles in Scientific Journals
  1. E. Pérez, P. Sáanchez-Murcia, J. Jordaan, M. D. Blanco, J. M. Mancheño, F. Gago, J. Fernándes-Lucas
    Enzymatic synthesis of therapeutic nucleosides using a highly versatile purine nucleoside 2′-deoxyribosyltransferase from Trypanosoma brucei
    ChemCatChem, in press (2018)
  2. J. Del Arco, P. A. Sánchez-Murcia, J. M. Mancheño, F. Gago, J. Fernández-Lucas
    Characterization of an atypical, thermostable, organic solvent- and acid-tolerant 2′-deoxyribosyltransferase from Chroococcidiopsis thermalis
    Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 102, 6947-6957 (2018)
  3. M. Ruiz-Santaquiteria, S. de Castro, M.A. Toro, H. de Lucio, K. J. Gutiérrez, P. A. Sánchez-Murcia, M. A. Jiménez, F. Gago, A. Jiménez-Ruiz, M.-J. Camarasa, S. Velázquez
    Trypanothione reductase inhibition and anti-leishmanial activity of all-hydrocarbon stapled α-helical peptides with improved proteolytic stability
    Eur. J. Med. Chem, 149, 238-247 (2018)
  4. Y.-T. Ma, Y. Yang, P. Cai, D.-Y. Sun, P. A. Sánchez-Murcia, X.-Y. Zhang, W.-Q. Jia, L. Lei, M. Guo, F. Gago, H. Wang, W.-S. Fang
    A series of enthalpically optimized docetaxel analogues exhibiting enhanced antitumor activity and water solubility
    J. Nat. Prod, 81, 524-533 (2018)
  5. P. Torres-Salas, V. Bernal, F. López-Gallego, J. Martínez-Crespo, P. A. Sánchez-Murcia, V. Barrera, R. Morales-Jiménez, A García-Sánchez, A. Mañas-Fernández, J. M. Seoane, M. Sagrera Polo, J. D. Miranda, J. Calvo, S. Huertas, J. L. Torres, A. Alcalde-Bascones, S. González-Barrera, F. Gago, A. Morreale, M. del Mar González-Barroso
    Engineering Erg10 thiolase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a synthetic toolkit for the production of branched-chain alcohols
    Biochemistry, 57, 1338-1348 (2018)
  6. P. A. Sánchez-Murcia, J. Nogueira, L. González
    Exciton localization on Ru-based photosensitizers induced by binding to lipid membranes
    J. Phys. Chem. Lett, 9, 683-688 (2018)
  7. H. de Lucio, A. M. Gamo, M. Ruiz-Santaquiteria, S. de Castro, P. A. Sánchez-Murcia, M. A. Toro, K. J. Gutiérrez, F. Gago, A. Jiménez-Ruiz, M.-J. Camarasa, S. Velázquez
    Improved proteolytic stability and potent activity against Leishmania infantum trypanothione reductase of α/β-peptide foldamers conjugated to cell-penetrating peptides
    Eur. J. Med. Chem, 140, 615-623 (2017)
  8. P.A. Sánchez-Murcia, A. Cortés-Cabrera, F. Gago
    Structural rationale for the cross-resistance of tumor cells bearing the A399V variant of elongation factor eEF1A1 to the structurally unrelated didemnin B, ternatin, nannocystin A and ansatrienin B
    J. Comput. Aided Mol. Des, 31, 915 (2017)
  9. N. Crespo, P. A. Sánchez-Murcia, F. Gago, J. Cejudo-Sanches, M. A. Galmes, J. Fernández-Lucas, J. M. Mancheño
    2′-Deoxyribosyltransferase from Leishmania mexicana, an efficient biocatalyst for one-pot, one-step synthesis of nucleosides from poorly soluble purine bases
    Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol, 101, 7187 (2017)
  10. C. Oliva, P. A. Sánchez-Murcia, E. Rico, A. Bravo, M. Menéndez, F. Gago, A. Jiménez-Ruiz
    Structure-based domain assignment in Leishmania infantum EndoG: characterization of a pH-dependent regulatory switch and a C-terminal extension that largely dictates DNA substrate preferences
    Nucleic Acids Research, 45, 9030-9045 (2017)
  11. M. Ruiz-Santaquiteria, P. A. Sánchez-Murcia, M. A. Toro, H. de Lucio, K. Jesús Gutiérrez, S. de Castro, F. A. C. Carneiro, F. Gago, A. Jiménez-Ruiz, M.-J. Camarasa, S. Velázquez
    First example of peptides targeting the dimer interface of Leishmania infantum trypanothione reductase with potent in vitro antileishmanial activity
    Eur. J. Med. Chem, 135, 49-59 (2017)
  12. A. Cortés-Cabrera, P. A. Sánchez-Murcia, F. Gago
    Making sense of the past: hyperstability of ancestral thioredoxins explained by free energy simulations
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  13. C. Trigili, I. Barasoain, P. A. Sánchez-Murcia, A. Canales, N. M. Gardner, G. J. Naylor, E. Gómez, F. Gago, A. E. Prota, I. Paterson, O. Steinmetz, F. Díaz
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Book Chapters
  1. A. Cortés-Cabrera, P. A. Sánchez- Murcia, F. Gago, A. Morreale
    Ligand-based drug discovery and design. In: Silico drug descovery and design: theory, methods, challenges, and applications (book chapter). CRC Press, . [ISBN 9781482217834] (2015)
  1. WO2017114897 (A1) – Modified thiolases capable of producing branched compounds and uses thereof. Aplicant: REPSOL S.A. Priority Nr. EP20150382676 20151229